Below is the catalogue of songs published by Wendy House Music. All are sub-published by Song Solutions.

First line Title (where different) Composer(s) Year Cat no lyrics music  audio
4un2us a child is born   A & W Rayner 2001 WHM0301      
A baby born  The greatest gift A & W Rayner 2004 WHM0104      
A king is coming Prepare the way A & W Rayner 2012 WHM0112      
A new song Gloria J Rayner 2016 WHM0116      
All around the world it's Christmas time Celebrate A, W & J Rayner 2016 WHM0216      
All around the world there's a celebration   A & W Rayner 2005 WHM0505      
All of my heart Yours forever J Rayner 2014 WHM0214      
All our faith   A, W & E Rayner 2013 WHM0113      
All people that on earth do dwell The Lord is good A Rayner 2018 WHM0118      
All the way my Saviour leads me Thank you A Rayner 2014 WHM0114      
Blessed are the needy   A Rayner 2004 WHM0204      
Born a King  Thank you A & W Rayner 2001 WHM0201      
Christmas is coming Waiting for Christmas A, J & W Rayner 2011 WHM0111      
Christmas is here   A Rayner 2007 WHM0107      
Christmas is time We can make a difference A, J & W Rayner 2005 WHM0305      
Christmas time is here again   A & J Rayner 2015 WHM0115      
Church bells are ringing Christmas prayer A, J & W Rayner 2012 WHM0212      
Come and worship Christ the king   A & W Rayner 2005 WHM0405      
Come before the Lord   A Rayner 2016 WHM0616      
Down the centuries This moment A & J Rayner 2015 WHM0115      
Every beating heart I will stand A, J & W Rayner 2016 WHM0116      
Everybody, celebrate Gods love Christmas party A & W Rayner 2002 WHM0102      
Everywhere I go You're with me   A Rayner 2010 WHM0110      
Father God we bring to you We cry to you A & W Rayner 2004 WHM0804      
Father lead us Lord of life A & W Rayner 2010 WHM0210      
Feel the sunshine High above the clouds A & J Rayner 2007 WHM0107      
From the dawn of time   A Rayner 2006 WHM0106      
From the gently rolling green meadow The Suffolk song A Rayner 2018 WHM0218      
Glory be to the Father   A Rayner 2009 WHM0109      
God has provided We can make a difference A, J & W Rayner 2005 WHM0705      
God is with us forever   A Rayner 2014 WHM0114      
God so loved the world   A, J & W Rayner 2012 WHM0312      
Have mercy on me O Lord   A & W Rayner 2003 WHM0303      
Hear the news today Tell the world A Rayner 2008 WHM0108      
Heaven resounds We cry holy A & W Rayner 2006 WHM0206      
Holy, Holy Lord   W & A Rayner 2004 WHM0504      
I give my life to you Take my hand A, J & N Rayner 2017 WHM0417      
I take you my love   A Rayner 2007 WHM0107      
I will sing the wondrous story   A Rayner 2010 WHM0110      
In the darkest days of winter Heaven to earth A Rayner 2005 WHM0105      
In this season Star of wonder J Rayner 2016 WHM0416      
Jesus I long  Restore to me A Rayner 1997 WHM0197      
Jesus light of the world   A & W Rayner 2015 WHM0215      
Just as I am   A & W Rayner 2004 WHM0604      
King of our life story   A & W Rayner 2014 WHM0314      
Let all the world in every corner sing All creation sing A Rayner 2009 WHM0109      
Let us rejoice   A Rayner 2007 WHM0207      
Let your light shine out   A Rayner 2016 WHM0516      
Let's be a wise woolly sheep   A Rayner 2014 WHM0414      
Let's go bananas for Jesus   A & W Rayner 1997 WHM0397      
Lift your hearts and voices   A Rayner 2014 WHM0314      
Light of the world   A Rayner 2011 WHM0211      
Lord make me an instrument of your peace Live for justice A & W Rayner 2007 WHM0307      
Lord my God I turn to you again You are my hope A Rayner 2010 WHM0510      
Lord of all creation Be our vision A & J Rayner 2009 WHM0209      
Lord of every nation Prince of peace have mercy A & W Rayner 2018 WHM0118      
Lord of our journey Faithful A & W Rayner 2019 WHM0119      
Lord we ask you   A & W Rayner 1998 WHM0198      
Lord you are my all My everything A Rayner & E McCarthy 2006 WHM0206      
Magnify the Lord with me   A Rayner 2015 WHM0115      
Make a joyful noise   A Rayner 2015 WHM0615      
May the Lord shine on you   A Rayner 2015 WHM0215      
May the mind of Christ my saviour   A & W Rayner 2017 WHM0117      
My rock   A Rayner 2010 WHM0210      
O come let us adore Him Hallelujah A Rayner 2012 WHM0212      
O come O come immanuel   A Rayner 2008 WHM0608      
O Lord almighty King   A & W Rayner 2000 WHM0200      
On an ordinary night Everlasting light A & J Rayner 2015 WHM0315      
One God  We believe A & W Rayner 2003 WHM0203      
One holy night One Christmas A Rayner 2007 WHM0407      
Our Father, provider All we need A Rayner 2016 WHM0316      
Perfect love   A Rayner 2005 WHM0205      
Precious water Water of life A, J & W Rayner 2012 WHM0412      
Reach for love Taste and see A Rayner 2011 WHM0311      
Rock of ages   A & W Rayner 2007 WHM0507      
Roll up everybody Christmas train A Rayner 2008 WHM0208      
Say you will   A Rayner 2009 WHM0309      
Send us out in the power of Your Spirit   A & W Rayner 2005 WHM0605      
Sing angels sing   A Rayner 2017 WHM0217      
Star of light  We will follow A & W Rayner 2001 WHM0401      
Teach me your way o Lord Lead me A, J & W Rayner 2006 WHM0306      
Thank you for your precious gift of life Precious gift of life A Rayner & R Loomes 1999 WHM0199      
The day has come Bethlehem party A & W Rayner 2011 WHM0411      
The greatest story Love has come A, W & J Rayner 2015 WHM0415      
The Lord is my rock   A Rayner 1996 WHM0196      
The Lord is the everlasting God They shall rise A Rayner 1998 WHM0298      
The rushing wind All creatures of our God and King J Rayner 2008 WHM0308      
The world that God has given us is good   A Rayner 2008 WHM0508      
There is news Jesus is alive J Rayner 2010 WHM0310      
This little light of mine   A & W Rayner 2015 WHM0515      
United in their love   A & W Rayner 1997 WHM0297      
We are all God's family Change the world A & J Rayner 2011 WHM0511      
We have come before you Lord Almighty A & J Rayner 2013 WHM0213      
We have come to praise the living God   A Rayner 2003 WHM0103      
We stand united Celebrate life A & W Rayner 2009 WHM0409      
We thank you Lord   A Rayner 2009 WHM0509      
We the church of Christ the king   A & W Rayner 2008 WHM0408      
We your people Hallelujah A Rayner 2003 WHM0403      
What can I give to you   A Rayner 2007 WHM0607      
When will there be peace on earth Hope for the world A & W Rayner 2004 WHM0304      
When you're feeling lost I'll be there A Rayner 2010 WHM0410      
When you need somebody I'll B there 4 U A Rayner & T Ogazi 2004 WHM0204      
With every breath I live to worship you A & W Rayner 2004 WHM0704      
You alone O Lord are worthy   A Rayner 2009 WHM0609      
You have been loved Fly away A & W Rayner 2013 WHM0313      
Your grace is all I need   A & W Rayner 2004 WHM0404      
Yours is the kingdom The Lords prayer A Rayner 2009 WHM0709