Prayer for Peace - a song for Ukraine

Performed by people from Suffolk and beyond.

'Prayer for peace' is a new song written by local composers Andrew & Josh Rayner.

It has been recorded by singers from across Suffolk along with local musicians.

Prayer for peace is now available on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music, Youtube etc)

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The all-Ukrainian language version of the song is now available:

Youtube      Spotify    itunes     amazon    

Any proceeds will be donated to Ukrainian support charities

In collaboration with St Edmundsbury Cathedral’s InHarmony project 

The Christmas song that was recorded in the same session 'It's Christmas time' is also now available.

If people further afield (even in Ukraine) would like to record and film singing we would love to add this to the project.

For any queries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 07711 196609

Song downloads - Prayer for peace - note that the verses will be sung as solos, we will only record the chorus and bridge sections
lyrics for 'Prayer for peace' - lyrics sheet
melody sheet music for 'Prayer for peace' - sheet music
SATB chorus & bridge for 'Prayer for peace' - SATB chorus & bridge
Chorus audio guide - all parts together - chorus audio
Chorus audio guide - soprano/melody - chorus soprano
Chorus audio guide - alto/female harmony - chorus alto
Chorus audio guide - tenor.male harmony - chorus tenor
Bridge audio guide - all parts together - bridge audio
Bridge audio guide - soprano - bridge soprano
Bridge audio guide - alto - bridge alto
Bridge audio guide - tenor - bridge tenor

Prayer for peace - Ukrainian translation - Prayer for peace - Ukrainian

Song downloads - It's Christmas time - note that the 'lead' parts of verses will be sung as solos.
lyrics for 'It's Christmas time' - lyrics sheet
melody sheet music for 'It's Christmas time' - sheet music
SAT harmonies for 'It's Christmas time' - SAT harmonies
It's Christmas time guide audio - audio